Top 10 Tips to Booking the Perfect Hostel

If there is one thing you need to know about broad’s, it’s that we love cheap travel. Our favorite way to save money is by staying at hostels! Many have turned away from the idea of hosteling because of horror stories that have been told over the years. That is why we are here to change that; by following our guide you are guaranteed to stay in the perfect hostel every time!

  1. Make sure breakfast is included

    When choosing a hostel one of the most important factors we look at is the inclusion of breakfast. Although it is not an intercontinental breakfast most hostels offer basic breakfast items such as cereal, oatmeal, and toast. It helps you save money by not eating out and gives you one less item to worry about!

  2. Make sure towels and linens are included

    Luggage space is a big issue when it comes to budget traveling when looking for a hostel make sure the accommodations offer linen’s as well as bath towels that way you do not have to worry about packing a towel or blanket!

  3. Try to have a kitchen within the hostel

    When staying in one location for an extended period of time, eating out can become expensive. Paying for breakfast, lunch, and dinner can cost you more than a domestic flight! The broads suggest staying in a hostel with a communal kitchen, going to the local grocery store and whipping up a nice bowl of pasta for lunch. By staying in for breakfast and lunch you are saving an average of 25$ a day. Instead, you can treat yourself to a nice dinner and late night local street food!

  4. Use hostelworld to find your perfect hostel

    Hostelworld is our favorite tool to use when looking for the perfect spot. The user-friendly website gives you all the information you need, including if there is a kitchen accessible, linens, wifi, breakfast and much more! The website also gives you the proximity to city centre and an accurate rating of the hostel.

    *a broad tip: when looking at the rating we never book a hostel below 8.5 stars*

  5. use to book your hostel

    Another great travel hack is to book your accommodations on this website also gives accurate reviews of the hostel and has a free cancelation policy on most properties. It also gives you the option of paying at the hostel, that way you do not need to commit the accommodation.

6. Read reviews

Be wary of the reviews people post, taking everything into consideration. Many hostels are formed for young people and therefore tend to get rowdy at night! The broads are what some consider night owls, however, if you are a light sleeper take those factors into consideration and listen to the comments people leave. Some hostels even advertise as “Party Hostels'“, so really dig deep into reviews to find the perfect stay for your needs.

7. Do not fear sharing a room with strangers

When traveling, consider who you are traveling with and what you are comfortable with! If you are female travellers staying in female dorms is a fun way to meet new friends (especially when you are solo travelling). If however, you are not comfortable sleeping in a room full of stranger’s you can opt for a private room (this option will cost you more).

8. When traveling in larger groups book together, so you stay together

The bigger the group the bigger the dorm (and cheaper the price). When travelling with a larger group hosteling is a great way to stay together. That being said please be mindful of the workers at the hostel as they are not aware of your specific requests. By booking a larger room with one transaction and contacting the hostel ahead of time you are guaranteed to be put with all your friends, that way you can finally have that giant sleepover you and your friends have been dreaming of!

9. Pack a lock

Most hostels have lockers or drawer’s that are able to lock, they, however, do not provide you with the lock itself! By locking up your belongings its will give you the guarantee (and peace of mind) that your things are safe including your passport and other important documents.

10. Find a hostels that offer free walking tours

There is no better way to experience the city than from the eyes of the locals. When booking a hostel try to find one that includes free walking tours. They are usually done by locals who know the history pertaining to each location. The guides will often give you great suggestions pertaining to food, drinks and places to visit. The tours last between 1.5 – 2 hours and only require a gracious tip at the end of the excursion.