How to Survive Khao San Road


Stay hydrated

Bangkok has no mercy when it comes to heat. No matter how much water you drink, your body will sweat it out. Remember to replenish your electrolytes before venturing out to party on Khao San Road.

Take a guide and listen to them

Chances are they will lead you to the safest bars with the cheapest drinks (aka buckets).We went with Bodega Bangkok for a pub crawl, an affordable experience that offers free buckets and a safely guided tour. For 450 baht you get a t-shirt, bucket, guide, free ride to Khao San Road, entry to the best clubs, and rowdy group of people to party all night long with! For more information check them out here.

Be cautious of the street food and bugs 

Vendors in Thailand will sell anything to make some profit, so be smart. If you’re trying to get some drunk food we’d definitely recommend trying the street food. Street food is very popular in Thailand but make sure to look for vendors with high customer turnover, as you don’t want to be eating some chicken thats been laying around in the heat all day. We would also recommend checking out 7/11 you can get a ton of snacks here for really cheap (make sure to try a cheesy toasty too, a broad favourite !!). Same goes with purchase a Bangkok bug ( deep fried critters ranging from scorpions to silkworms and cockroaches).

beware of the “laughing gas”

Many locals will try to sell you a laughing gas but beware… It’s not laughing gas but rather nitrogen what some of you may know them as whipits, the gas used to make whipped cream. It’s 50 baht for a balloon for a 30 second head rush... if it even works on you as some people have a high tolerance. 

Spend the extra money on better liquor 

We’re not saying drink top shelf liquor but when deciding between Thai vodka and Smirnoff, always go for the Smirnoff! The price difference between the two is significant but you will thank yourself in the morning. Chances are your stomach won’t be able to handle the liquor and you might find yourself sick for the next couple of days. Following your guide/  leader will ensure you will get the best price and best quality of liquor.  

Take a tuk tuk home

Taking a Tuk Tuk home after a long night of partying is a great way to end the day. Make sure you are not getting scammed and over paying to get home, as well as remember the address of your stay. Our hostel handed out cards with the address that were to be given to the drivers, it guarantees you a safe and fun ride home!