Quick Tip: How to Get Free Standby Tickets in New York

One of the main attractions when visiting New York are all the shows and performances. Whether it’s the live tapings, broadways or ballets, you have to see at least one! Since tickets can get pretty pricey, we recommend purchasing them well in advance. However this can become an issue if you’ve planned a last minute getaway. Here’s how we stumbled upon free standby tickets to both the Jimmy Fallon and Seth Myers late shows…

You must arrive at the Rockefeller centre basement at 9 am and head to the NBC studio lobby. Sign-ups for the standby start at 9 am at a first come first get basis, therefore, the higher on the list you are, the better chance you have of getting into the show. Now you just need to wait. Depending on which show you signed up for, you have a different call time. The secretary in the lobby will give you exact instructions pertaining to what time and where you will need to return to. We decided to start exploring Manhattan in the meantime as the callback time was 6:30 pm.

Rockefeller centre, New york

Rockefeller centre, New york

Fast forward to 6:30pm, we arrived back to the Rockefeller basement at the NBC studio store. Here you will line up according to the number you were given in the morning. Now just a little more waiting! Studio staff will slowly start ushering people in depending on how many open seats there are, starting with number one. Your entrance into the show depends on how many no-shows they had for guaranteed tickets, as a studio must have a full audience. Once you are guaranteed a seat for the show, there are a couple of ground rules. Absolutely no phones or recording of the show, as the show is pre-taped, no large bags or backpacks (so plan in advance). We actually saw some people throwing out their backpacks, just to get a chance into the studio. Allocate time if you do get seated, as an average taping takes about 1.5 hours and you are not allowed to leave the studio once taping starts. And most importantly, you must be over 16 to get into the show.

Have some patience as you might not get into the taping on your first try. We tried two days in a row and had no luck sitting in on the taping until the third day. But if you follow these tips, you have a better chance of getting into the studio.

Good Luck!

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